Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Car rental in Jaipur - Visit the Jaisalmer festivals at Hire Car

I recommend you check your local tourist information office for exact dates and itineraries. Many festivals are based on astrological events or religious days that may be different each year, to avoid losing control beforehand.

A rental car in Jaipur will ensure that you can participate in these bright and vibrant celebrations; They are generally marked with national or local holidays and, therefore, public transport stops. The festivals are varied and you can always consider going further with your rental car. This area of ​​Rajasthan is becoming very popular at international summer music festivals, such as Ajmer Pushkar or Jaisalmer. These festivals dramatically increase flight prices. Make sure that if you travel to Jaipur during this period, you will not be inadvertently caught at the highest prices.

Hire a taxi from Jaipur to Jaisalmer
Like most Rajasthani cities, Jaipur has several religious festivals based on the Hindus calendar that range from Holy celebrations or Gangaur, such as the summer solstice, unlike other traditional Rajasthan cities, it also has several contemporary events to entertain the visitors.

This year, the Jaipur film festival celebrates its twentieth year of continuous events. The festival takes place in mid-October and is a meeting for local filmmakers, as it offers the opportunity for beginning producers to project their work. With more than 80 hours of film screening this year, it has the potential to be the best so far. Most of the festivities take place in the Jordi de San Jordi square and in the hospital square. Even if you are not a big fan of movies, there will be many activities to keep you entertained.

This year, the eighth jazz festival in Jaipur is also celebrated, described as a point of reference among summer festivals that will surely have fun. Although jazz is not your style, there are many other styles that can be attractive. From world music to dance, classical music and opera, the festival aims to attract a wide audience. Great figures from the theater world have taken and will continue to take their art to the Cap Roig auditorium for the Girona summer jazz festival.

My advice is to attend a theater performance, but also enjoy street shows, which are usually free; Sit down with a glass of local Mumbai, a famous dry red or white wine, with a plate of some of the world-famous mushrooms in this area, the "Mushrooms" and "Mushrooms" really deserve a taste and enjoy the summer. Jazz drifting in the breeze. This festival usually lasts about a month since mid-September.

Equus Catalonia is the world-famous horse show. Held at the Palau de Fires, it is a showcase for horses in the region. Here, some of the best Andalusian / Hispanic / Frisian horses in Andalusia will be able to compete in various disciplines and show the skills of their riders. These horses are really some of the best in the world, watching them perform fascinating dynamizes and jumping routines is a real sight, any horse lover should consider stopping at Equus Catalonia during their stay.

Visiting a festival in Jaipur is a fantastic way to understand the true culture and history behind the city. The immaculately preserved or 'called' Pink city quarter celebrates several festivals every year; It is worth visiting this area of ​​narrow cobbled streets that have true charm and charm. I suggest using your rental car for any festival in the city; If you have to venture downtown, the very nature of the narrow streets makes parking and driving uncomfortable; Try to park in one of the underground cars parks to save money.

Car rental in Jaipur is the perfect way to explore the region, pick up your rental car at Jaipur airport or at your hotel.


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